Aesthetic medicine

Mimic wrinkles correction (BOTOX, AZZALURE)
One region800.00 PLN
Two regions1.100.00 PLN
Three regions1.400.00 PLN
Bruxism1.900.00 PLN
Hyperhidrosis treatment
armpits2.100.00 PLN
palms2.100.00 PLN
feet2.100.00 PLN
Fillers based on hyaluronic acid
Mouth enlargement procedure 1 ml1.100.00 PLN
Volumetry – Giving additional volume – cheeks 2 ml2.800.00 PLN
Face700.00 PLN
Face + neck1.100.00 PLN
Face + neck + neckline1.500.00 PLN
Eyes region400.00 PLN
Head skin400.00 PLN
Body (cellulite, stretching marks reduction) 1 amp700.00 PLN
CO2 Fractional laser
Face1.100.00 PLN
Face + neck1.500.00 PLN
Face + neck + neckline1.800.00 PLN
Platelet-rich plasma
Face regeneration800.00 PLN
Face + neck (or neckline)1.200.00 PLN
Face + neck + neckline1.300.00 PLN
Head skin900.00 PLN
HIFU – Non-invasive lifting
Full face lifting3.500.00 PLN
Lower face lifting2.500.00 PLN
Chin and jaw line lifting2.000.00 PLN
Browbone lift / forehead + temples1.200.00 PLN
Lower eyelid lift900.00 PLN
Neck lifting2.400.00 PLN
Neckline lifting with breasts lift3.500.00 PLN
Shoulders2.500.00 PLN
Stomach3.500.00 PLN
Inner thighs4.400.00 PLN
Knees1.500.00 PLN
Buttocks3.800.00 PLN
LIPOFILING – filling with fat
Face (possibly face + palms)from 6 000.00 PLN
Breastsfrom 7 600.00 PLN
Buttocksfrom 7 600.00 PLN
stomach7.200.00 PLN
Laser scar removal (depending on the area)Price set individually
Laser stretching marks removal (depending on the area)Price set individually
Skin lesions removal350.00 PLN – 800.00 PLN