Aesthetic proctology – offer

is a separate field of medicine, which deals with diagnosis and treatment of the disease of the end part of the digestive system. The symptoms of those diseases are often very unpleasant, long-lasting and recurring. Age-, injury- or childbirth-related bleeding, purulent changes, rectum pains, as well as fecal and gas incontinence. In our clinic we build an atmosphere, which will help you to open up about the disease and learn the instructions necessary for your health.

Aesthetic proctology procedures:

  • anoderm folds plasty
  • anal fissure treatment
  • anal varices treatment
  • laser anal-area changes removal
  • laser genital warts removal
  • anal area discolourations bleaching and brightening
  • injury and after-birth scars plasty of the anal area

We perform aesthetic proctology, as well as interdisciplinary proctological-gynaecological and proctological-gynaecological-urological procedures, which can solve several co-existing problems of the bottom of pelvis in one surgical procedure.

The scope of the procedure is every time chosen individually during consultation with specialists from every specialisation (proctology, gynaecology, urology). Most often combined procedures include:

  • little-invasive surgery of haemorrhoidal nodules combined with vagina/vagina inlet plasty and/or vaginal mucosa regeneration
  • haemorrhoidal nodules surgery with little-invasive urinal incontinence surgery (urolastic) and/or vaginal mucosa regeneration
  • rectocele surgery (recto-uterine pouch) combined with vagina inlet plasty
  • injury scars plasty in the anal and vaginal area combined with revitalisation of vaginal mucosa

We would like to invite you to multi-specialist consultation, during which we will choose the best set of procedures to solve your problem.