HIFU – offer

The procedure of non-surgical lifting with HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) method is performed with high-frequency ultrasounds. The point of the method is to accurately concentrate the ultrasound, high-energy wave on a small, precisely located area. The device’s function is based on the concentrated, high-intensity ultrasounds, which act upon the tissue in two ways, thermal and mechanical. The soundwave produced by HIFU causes cells friction and, in effect, their overheating, thus stimulating the repair processes. The collagen fibres are shortened and twisted, which increases the tension of the skin and thickens it.

Post-procedure results:

  • lifting and “densing up” the skin
  • visible reduction of skin looseness
  • collagen regeneration
  • wrinkles removal
  • skin flexibility improvement
  • lifting eyebrows
  • face oval correction
  • lifting so-called ”hamster pouches”
  • improvement of the look of the neck


The procedure is recommended in order to rejuvenate and improve the look of both skin and the oval of the face when the symptoms of ageing are already visible, i.e. shallow and deep wrinkles, furrows, sags, especially so-called hamster pouches in the jaw area. The procedure is fairly short, 30-40 minutes for the whole face, there is no need to repeat it, it guarantees long-lasting effects and spectacular results. HIFU method can be used after the procedures of intensive exfoliation (acid, peeling and microdermabrasion), with acne changes, rosacea, tanned skin.