Laser genital warts removal – offer

Laser genital warts removal is one of the most often recommended methods of treating this ailment. It is also considered the most effective method of treating these changes. Their removal is performed through pointing laser beam at the lesions and their immediate evaporation. Only the wart and the place, from which it grew, is destroyed. CO2 laser treatment significantly reduces the risk of recurrence, which is estimated only as 12%. An additional advantage of laserotherapy is the possibility of performing it on pregnant women. It is safe both for the woman and for the foetus It can be combined with pharmacotherapy, which will give much better therapeutical effects. This method is both simple and effective, also in case of very big genital warts.


Genital warts removal

There is also a surgical method of genital warts removal, in this case the procedure of warts removal begins with anaesthesia of the place of the procedure. Subsequently the lesion is cut or aspirated, depending on the area. Also, a sample is cut for histopathological examination