Botox – offer

Wrinkles correction with BOTOX
The effect of administering botox is slowing down the effect of the neuromuscular junction, which results in disappearing of mimic wrinkles on the face and temporary loosening of excessively working face muscles.
In aesthetic medicine botox is administered in small doses, which gives a safe, local effect. The procedure is performed on young people (from about 30 years of age), whose mimics is overly highlighted. The formulation is administered into specific areas of the face with a thin needle. The areas can be anaesthetised with anaesthetic cream, but usually it is not necessary. After the procedure the face may be slightly reddened, which usually lasts up to 20 minutes. The result of the procedure is visible after 3-4 days, but it gradually improves for 2 weeks. The durability of botox is specified for a period of 3-6 months. The administered botox formula not only impedes the muscles contractions, but also makes our face unlearn the excessive mimics.

In aesthetic medicine botox can be also used to treat hyperhidrosis of hands, armpits and feet.

Botox is used to remove wrinkles:

  • between eyebrows, so-called lion wrinkles
  • horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • around the eyes, so-called crows feet
  • other areas, including lower eyelid, around the lips, chin and neck, often combined with mesotherapy as mesobotox

With more mature people with older wrinkles it has to be additionally combined with filling formulas based on stabilised hyaluronic acid.