Liposuction – offer

What is LipoLife 3G?
LipoLife 3G is a revolutionary laser technology, allowing for sucking fat tissue out of various areas of the body. The reduced invasiveness of the procedure and use of correct laser beam length of 1470 nm enables us to obtain high quality fat cells, which have a verified viability at the level of 95%. Thus, this method is very good for transplantation, e.g. into the buttocks, breasts, face, in order to re-shape these areas. The whole procedure of sucking the fat tissue and moving it to another place is performed during one procedure, and through acting with the right temperature, at the same time the skin is tightened and shrunk at the surgical area.

Indications for surgery / contraindications


  • Local fat tissue (e.g. chin, belly fat, knees)
  • Excessive fat tissue on greater areas of the body (e.g. stomach, thighs)
  • Disproportion of body composition, caused by excessive accumulation of fat in the given area and/or no fat tissue in others (e.g. pear shaped figure)
  • Other special procedures, like gynecomastia treatment, e.g. men mammary gland hypertrophy

Relative contraindications:

  • overall bad state of health
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • epilepsy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • kidney and liver diseases
  • extensive diabetes
  • some hormonal problems
  • blood clotting disorder

In order to exclude or confirm the contraindications for the procedure consult a specialised doctor, who will perform medical report and will schedule the required examinations.

Why LipoLife 3G?

  • It is a safe procedure because of possibility of local anaesthesia
  • High effectiveness in slimming and modelling the body
  • Reduced procedure time*
  • Shorter recovery time*
  • Possibility of getting rid of fat tissue and adding it in other areas of the body during one procedure.
  • Skin firming

*in comparison to mechanical liposuction

Preparation for the procedure.
The first step of preparing to LipoLife 3G procedure is a consultation with a specialist, who performs such procedures. He will perform a clinical investigation and schedule the necessary examinations. If the patient has had recently any examinations performed, please bring it to the medical consultation.

The next step is following the doctor’s instructions, which may regard the diet, discontinuation of certain medications and vitamins, behaviour on the day of the procedure and the day before, as well as the recovery time.

What does the procedure consist of?
The patient, after the last medical consultation, just before the surgery, dresses a special clothing for the surgery and follows the instruction of the people who coordinate the procedure. The procedure consist of making a small incision, subsequently providing local surgery (tumescent) to the area of the procedure. Shortly after providing the anaesthesia (approx. 20 minutes) the main procedure is performed through one-time liposuction. The laser frees the fat cells, which are conveyed to a sterile container and are suited for further use in the transplantation (lipotransfer). The doctor decides to finish the surgery after removing the correct amount of fat tissue.

After the procedure– recovery.
Immediately after the procedure the patient will be directed to a place, where he will be able to stay till the anaesthesia, administered during the procedure, wears off. Immediately after the procedure the patient can feel numbness of the area of the procedure, also a delicate swelling and minor bruise may appear. They should disappear within few days from the procedure. It is advised to wear a special compression garment for a few weeks. All the instructions after the procedure, including individual recommendations, will be presented by the practitioner, who will also schedule control visits

When can the effects be expected?
First results regarding reducing the fat tissue from the area of the procedure can be seen and felt immediately after the procedure. The final effect is expected in approx. 2 weeks, when the swelling is going to disappear completely. The procedure usually does not require a repetition, only if the patient wants to enhance the effect. If the practitioner agrees, an additional procedure can be performed.

In case of fat tissue transplantation, the expected effects depend on the area. The effect is visible immediately, while a natural settlement of the tissue requires approx. 2 weeks.