Cosmelan, an effective method of skin discolourings treatment – offer

What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is an up-to-date procedure, used on different parts of the body in order to strongly de-pigment specified fragments of skin. It is a method based on the immediate effect, which makes it possible to get rid of inconvenient and unaesthetic discolourings or unwanted freckles. A modern anti-discolouring treatment – Cosmelan has been available on the European market for several years. Cosmelan formula has an exceptional effectiveness – in about 90% of cases it completely removes discolourings, even those, which have been present for many years.

What are the effects of the procedure?

The procedure causes a controlled skin exfoliation, and in effect disappearing of the discolourings. After the procedure the face is rejuvenated, and the skin brighter. It also causes restoring balance to oily and mixed skin.

Advantages of Cosmelan procedures:

  • it can be performed any time of the year,
  • perfect for every phototype and type of skin
  • very effective for every type of melasma
  • easy and quick depigmentation
  • safe
  • distinctively stimulates collagen regeneration

The course of the procedure:

The first step of the treatment is Cosmelan 1 procedure, performed only by a specialist, who select a right treatment depending on the phototype of the skin and type of pigmentation changes. After the procedure the therapy with Cosmelan 2 cream must be continued for 3 weeks at home. The cream is an integral, included in the price, part of the procedure. To achieve a long-lasting result it is recommended to use the Cosmelan 2 cream for the next 3-9 months, gradually reducing the frequency of applying the cream.

When can the results be expected?

The condition of the skin after Cosmelan procedure improves after a week. In case of a darker skin, the spots disappear after 8-10 days. Patients with brighter skin tone can notice a reduction of spots after 8-21 days. Full effects of the procedure can be observed after a month.

Although Cosmelan is a cosmetic procedure, only an adequately trained doctor can perform it. Every qualification for the procedure requires a consultation with aesthetic medicine doctor. During the procedure and in order to keep the effect the patient has to remember not to expose the skin to sun rays during the treatment, and in case of sunny days a sunblock with a filter of minimum 30 has to be applied.