Fillers – offer

The substances based on hyaluronic acid, which are applied to the skin, remove the permanent wrinkles. With use of those substances modelling of selected face areas can be performed, because often the cause of furrows and wrinkles formation is decay of subcutaneous tissue. In such cases administering the fillers deeply restores youthful look.

Plastic, gel-like substances are used as filling materials. The durability of the formula is assessed for about 1 year (after this period the material completely decomposes, nurturing and moisturising the skin). The fillers are used after 35-40 years of age. Most often the procedures of filling the nasolabial furrows, horizontal forehead wrinkles and smoker wrinkles around the lips, are performed. After using the fillers the lips are modelled and enlarged, which make the face look rejuvenated and more sensual.

For many women a positive effect is achieved through volumetric procedure, which highlights the cheekbones and restores the convexity of the cheek. Administering hyaluronic acid in the teardrop valley eliminates the signs of fatigue and makes you look younger.

Anaesthetic cream EMLA is administered as local anaesthesia before the procedure. The lips enlargement can be combined with stomatological anaesthesia. At the moment the filling formulas include anaesthetics in their composition, which rapidly eliminate all the unpleasant conditions.

Indications for use of stabilised hyaluronic acid:

  • wrinkles, nasolabial furrows, marionette lines, vertical forehead wrinkles, smoker’s wrinkles around the mouth,
  • lips modelling,
  • filling of the cavities of the subcutaneous tissue, cheekbones, teardrop valley
  • non-surgical face lifting

SCULPTRA – extraordinary formula for face modelling and rejuvenating the face contour. Sculptra is polylactic acid, which stimulates the production of natural collagen. The formula is administered to restore the density and volume of the skin, which are gradually lost with age. The aim of the procedure is smoothing out furrows and wrinkles, filling the collapsed areas of the face and rising the loosenesses. Then we strive for face modelling and restoring its previous contour. The improvement of the look is long-lasting, and the effects achieved are natural – the face looks well-rested and relaxed. Everyone, who would like to know more can see for him/herself in the Internet, where the effects of the use of Sculptra can be found.

It is recommended to perform about 3 procedures within 3 months. After a procedure it is necessary to massage the areas of administration (twice a day for 5 mins for 2 weeks). The price of the procedure: First one 1500 zl, subsequent ones 1200 zl.

Radiesse is the only alternative filler to hyaluronic acid. This suspension of calcium hydroxyapatite in cellulose gel. Great for people with allergies, because no allergies for the substance were found. Radiesse formula is great for filling the nasolabial furrows and cheeks enlargement. A big advantage of this filler, besides its immediate effect, is the subsequent during the next few months collagen production stimulation though the skin in the area of the procedure. Thus we achieve the effect of skin concentration, improving its structure. Another interesting indication for using Radiesse is non-surgical nose correction (correct minor disproportions, nasal hump, asymmetries).

Ellanse – the formula includes polycaprolactone – completely bioresorbable medical polimer, which ensures extra safety of its use. It fills up the wrinkles and at the same time regenerates the increase of collagen. Ellanse formulas give great effects of correction of deep face folds and wrinkles and supplementing of cavities in the face volume. Ellanse can also be used as a typical filler (e.g. in case of nasolabial furrows or face volumetry), but it is targeted to demanding customers, who expect very good results which last longer than with hyaluronic acid.