APTOS – Offer

Lifting threads APTOS is an up-to-date and perfect method of face and body lifting without undergoing modern surgical procedures, giving the face a youthful contour. Widespread use of Aptos threads allows for using them in different parts of the body.

What does the procedure with bioabsorbable Aptos threads consist of?
The procedure is mainly to model the oval of the face, jaw and chin. It eliminates the asymmetry of the face, rises the eyebrows and corrects their line, reduces nasolabial furrows and atrophy of face and neck (Excellence Visage procedure). Moreover, the threads can be used in modelling and rising breasts, eliminates knee fold and tension on the inner side of thighs and shoulders (Excellence Body procedure). The procedure is recommended both for women and men, most often of 30-50 years of age.

Results of the procedure:

  • restores the original position of descending soft tissue,
  • eliminates minor symptoms of skin sagging,
  • slows down the processes of ageing through the composition of the threads – polylactic acid,
  • activates the natural skin revitalisation.

What does the procedure with Aptos thread consists of?
Before commencing the procedure the patient’s face is thoroughly cleaned. Then the doctor administers local anaesthesia and, subsequently, introduces Aptos threads into the subcutaneous fat, along pre-marked edges, with a special, long needle. The lifting procedure usually lasts about 40-90 minutes. The patient may return to everyday activities immediately after the injection of the threads.

When are the effects of the procedure visible?
For the final effect, which usually lasts up to several years, the patient has to wait for approximately 2-4 weeks, but the first results can be seen in just a few days after the procedure. The skin becomes more flexible and smooth. During the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure the patient is advised to refrain from intensive mimic muscles contractions and massages, using fitness clubs and intensive warming, e.g. in sauna.

Ear correction with Aptos threads, without scalpel!
An alternative to plastic surgery of years is introducing Aptos threads under the skin in order to move the auricle closer to the head. The procedure is not painful, there is no need to cut the skin with a scalpel nor to apply stitches, and the moment of puncturing is compared to ear piercing. The Aptos threads used for the procedure are very thin and are not visible under the skin.

Possible side effects:
After the procedure the following may occur: swelling, reddening, temporary asymmetry, bruises, contour irregularity. The threads are absorbed within 360 days.