Labiaplasty – offer

What does the labiaplasty procedure consist of?

The procedure consists of changing the shape and size of labia. Labia correction is more and more often performed not only for women after a childbirth, but for everybody, who wants to feel comfortable. Recently, more and more female patients come to doctors to improve the look of the labia. Crotch plasty can be performed through traditional surgical methods or with laser, the procedure usually lasts about two hours. The patient should not feel any pain after the procedure, usually it comes together with burning feeling. Most often the woman is sent home the next day after the surgery. Complications after the procedure are rare, and no mark of it is visible. The process of healing the wounds lasts up to two weeks, and sexual activity can be resumed after six weeks.

Results of the procedure:

Labioplasty procedure restores aesthetic look to women intimate parts, which improves life, increases comfort and self-confidence and restores satisfaction from sexual activity.


What are the contraindications to the surgery?

The main contraindication to the procedure are:

  • blood clotting disorders,
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • period,
  • infection of the area of the procedure.


How long is the recovery after the procedure?

After the procedure the swelling, as well as pain in this area, usually lasts up to 7 days. In 4-6 weeks after the procedure intensive physical exercises and sexual activity are not advised. Return to intellectual work or driving is usually possible after few days after the procedure. Return to physical activity and work after 4 weeks. First effects of the procedure are visible after about five weeks, when the swelling of the area disappears, the final result can be seen after about six months.

Who chooses vaginoplasty procedure?

The main reasons, which makes the women choose the labiaplasty procedure, are:

  • stretching of vagina and labia after pregnancies and childbirths,
  • age-conditioned natural labia enlargement and loose of flexibility
  • too narrow vagina, causing pain during sexual intercourse.