Hydrocele testis surgery – offer


Hydrocele testis is an ailment affecting men, which is caused by accumulation of a transparent serous fluid between the septae of testicle.


Hydrocele testis symptoms:


enlarged testicle with smooth and tense surface, no reddening;

light scattering by the scrotum;

changes in the size of hydrocele testis, increased size in the evening;

rarely pain and difficulties in walking.

Hydrocele testis can be a consequence of a severe, protracted and non-specific testicle or epididymis inflammation. It also appears during the development of testicular cancer.


The method of diagnose is testicle ultrasonography.


Hydrocele testis treatment:

The basic method of hydrocele testis treatment is surgical procedure with one of two methods: Winkelmann method or Von Bergmann Method. The procedure lasts about an hour and is performed under local or intravenous anaesthesia. Irregardless of the treatment method the surgical treatment gives very good results and characterises with very low percentage of complications.