Chronic wounds treatment – offer

A chronic wound is a loss of skin, caused by pathological process or non-treatable injury. Treatment chronic wounds, like diabetic foot or bedsores or even burns, is a very complicated process, which often lasts for months. In such cases a specialised knowledge and right actions are necessary to reduce the period of healing and spare the patient the suffering. Modern dressings are meant to reduce the period of healing, stimulate the healing process, bringing relief and improving the overall condition of the patient. Most importantly, healing wounds requires medical consultation. It is the doctor, who should recommend the patient proper dressings, customised to the condition of the wound and phase of treatment. The cooperation between the patient and the doctor creates a chance, even in grave cases, for completing the treatment successfully and healing the wound. Our doctors use the most advanced methods and products in the world, making it possible to speed up the healing process and final would closure.