FACE VOLUMETRY – (so-called volumetric facelift) – offer

is no-invasive modelling of the face oval and adding volume to it without scalpel, with hyaluronic acid. Face volumetry also allows for restoring the skin density, especially in the areas, where e.g. the amount of subcutaneous tissue is reduced, or even correction of the shape of the nose, lips or cheekbones. This all results in restoring the right proportion to the face, and thus a spectacular rejuvenation and refreshment.

Who is the face volumetry procedure recommended for?

The process of ageing is accompanied by a gradual degradation of subcutaneous tissue, the face looses its volume, the temples and cheeks collapse (the rounded shape of the face is being lost), and the skin and tissue begin to sag. The procedure is intended for people in middle age, who already have visible signs of ageing. Moreover, it might be beneficial for people, who want to restore the lost volume to the face in the area of cheekbones and rise the collapsing face skin folds.

What does the procedure consist of?

Face modelling is a simple and pain-free procedure, performed under local anaesthesia. Volumetry performed by an experienced doctor lasts about 30 minutes. It consists of pain-free injecting a filler into the skin and subsequently gently massaging it in order to spread the formula evenly. At the sites of puncturing small bruises may appear, which disappear within few days, and the patient may return to his activities. In 7 days after the procedure sunbathing and intensive physical activities are not recommended.

Effects of volumetry

The effect of volumetry is immediate and can last from 9 to 18 months, depending on personal predispositions. Volumetric lifting can be successfully combined with other aesthetic medicine and cosmetology procedures.