dr n. med. Małgorzata Uchman-Musielak

Specializations and specialties: gynecologist

About me:

Dr n. med. Małgorzata Uchman – Musielak Gynecologist–obstetrician
She combines hospital practice with scientific work at the Medical University in Warsaw. She is a lecturer of the Medical University in Warsaw. Scholarship holder at the University of Perugia. In 2010 she received a title of dr n. med. in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. A graduate of Postgraduate Aesthetic Medicine School. Member of Polish Gynecological Society, Polish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gynecology and Polish Society of Plastic Gynecology, as well as European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology.
Pioneer of a new surgical method of vulval vestibule with Vaginal Narrower. As one of the first people she had the opportunity to test and introduce hyaluronic acid, intended and registered, as one and only in the World, for plastic gynecology. International trainer and lecturer on modern procedures in plastic gynecology. She participates in international scientific project of studies on hyaluronic acid, used in plastic gynecology.
Dr Małgorzata Uchman-Musielak gynecologist-obstetrician, expert in the field of aesthetic defects correction of female intimate body parts.
Dr Uchman-Musielak is also the author of the first book in the world in this field, titled “Ginekologia Plastyczna” (Plastic Gynecology), published in 2015 by the publishing house of PZWL. The publication is related to impairments of female reproductive organ anatomy, which right now concern over half of women’s population of all ages. The book is an answer to the rising expectations of gynecological clinics’ patients, who more and more often report such complaints to their doctors. More often the patients expect their gynecologist not only to solve the health problem, but also to correct the aesthetic defect of intimate body areas.
The author interestingly describes up-to-date ways of effective treatment of the reproductive organs area with keeping the aesthetic principles.
Scope of services:
• Labioplastics – reduction of labia with local anesthesia.
• Vagina plastics with spinal or general anesthesia.
• Vulval vestibule plastics with local anesthesia.
• Injections of hyaluronic acid into the major labia.
• Vagina and vulval vestibule revitalization with platelet rich plasma in recurring itching in women with vaginal dryness.
• Clitoral hood plastics.
• “O” spot injections (orgasmic shot).
• Mons pubis lipolysis with Aqualix or Dermastabilon formulations.
• Hymenoplastics.