dr Agnieszka Wolska

Specializations and specialties: surgery specialist, phlebologist

About me:
A graduate of Faculty of Medicine at Medical University of Białystok, from which she graduated in 1992.
In 2006 she received a title of general surgery specialist while working at General Surgery Department of Voivodship Specialist Hospital in Ciechanów. She is a graduate of Postgraduate Studies of Health and Safety Organizations Management at Warsaw School of Economics, from which she graduated in 2008 (thesis on the barriers of private health insurances development in Poland).
She has a degree in aesthetic medicine, received in 2011 after graduating from the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of Polish Medical Association (postgraduate thesis on employing sclerotherapy in the treatment of leg varices in the office of an aesthetic medicine doctor).
Since 1999 she works in ultrasonography in the field of performing general and vascular examines with Doppler method. Member of Polish Society of Phlebology since 2002, she serves medical services of prophylactics, diagnostics and venous diseases treatment. She performs low-invasive procedures of venous surgery, compressive foam sclepotherapy, also with ultrasound scanner monitoring. She treats slowly healing wounds. Since 2012 she has been using in her medical practice lasers to transcutaneous closing veins in legs and skin as well as to perform dermatosurgical procedures, i.e. removing skin lesions, warts, fibromas, ingrowing toenails, elimination of scars and stretch marks. She performs rejuvenating procedures with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid. She puts the best aesthetic effects possible and functionality of the performed procedures, as well as patient satisfaction, first, hence she does not stop broadening her knowledge and improving professional qualifications. She achieves it by participating regularly in specialist courses and training, as well as conferences and symposiums, during which she acknowledges new procedure techniques and treatment methods. Therefore she can offer her patients an efficient and safe treatment, performed according to the latest achievements of medicine.
She is also a doctor, who skillfully combines wide knowledge and rich professional experience with kindness and patience, by which she gains trust and respect of the patients.