Medical peelings – offer

Peeling (exfoliation) is a procedure of epidermis scaling. The scaling can be more or less deep, that is it can be performed in different levels of the epidermis. The depths of scaling depends on the formula used and intensity of the procedure. Medical peelings are procedures, during which the epidermis is scaled very intensively, they contain acid formulas with greater cosmetic concentrations than the ones used to remove skin imperfections, bleaching discolourings, smoothing out wrinkles, scars, narrowing pores, skin moistening and acne treatment. This is why peeling is not only a rejuvenating procedure, but it also supports the treatment of numerous skin problems.

Indications for medical peeling:

  • shallow wrinkles
  • scars and discolourings of different origin: post-inflammatory, sunburnt, hormonal, pigment patches
  • blackheads
  • grey, dry, loose skin
  • greasy skin, enlarged skin pores
  • pityriasis rurba pilaris

Depending on the method of epidermis scaling, the peeling can be:

  • Mechanical – removing the epidermis is performed with corundum or diamond plates or corundum crystals, this is so-called microdermabrasion,
  • Physical – with laser, liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide, ultrasounds – cavitational peeling
  • Chemical – with acids, so-called chemabrasion, enzymatic peeling.

The course of the procedure

Make-up removal is performed, the skin oil is removed and active substance is applied. After specified period of time it is washed off or neutralised, and regeneration formula is applied. The procedure is not painful and does not require anaesthesia, only by the end of the procedure the patient may feel the skin burning. After few days it is going to scale. During scaling an excessive exposition to the sun should be avoided and use of creams with sunscreen is recommended.

contraindications for the procedures using medical peelings are:

  • sun exposure (a very sunny summer),
  • skin allergies
  • active herpes,
  • tendency for keloids formation,
  • state after a surgical procedure in the face area (up to 2 months)
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding,
  • numerous melanocytic nevus,
  • numerous telangiectasy,
  • state after cryotherapy (up to 6 months),
  • autoimmunological diseases (colagenosis, pemphigus),
  • irritated, damaged skin (erosion, excoration, abrasions)
  • acute forms of acne (numerous pustule, cysts) – they require pharmacological pre-treatment,
  • oral therapy with vit. A derivatives (Roaccutane, Izotek) – required at least six months interval.

Our clinic offers you a very wide range of chemical peelings, allowing anyone to choose the best one depending on the age, type of the problem, which we want to address, and the expected results.

Products used:

  • Cosmelan
  • TCA